I’m normally skeptical about someone else doing my make up, but I had the most wonderful experience with Mailene! She’s such a pleasure to work with. She’s very professional and highlight’s your faces natural features, while minimizing imperfections for a flawless, natural result. She’s also very gentle while applying, which I found refreshing. I highly recommend that you book her, and if you’re thinking about it, act quick!
— Haleigh S.
Where do I begin? This was my first time working with Mailene on a photoshoot. I’ve always loved her work from what I saw on social media, but working with her definitely topped that! The way she diligently applied the products from start to finish, she showed she cared about her craft and my skin. I would recommend her to anyone in the world. She knows what she is doing. One of the best makeup artists in Virginia!
— Loren D.
I approached Mailene because I needed to get my makeup done for my senior photos. Mailene helped me by, not only offering her services, but making the makeup application quick and enjoyable. I loved the result so much, I sought her out for my prom and graduation. One thing I liked was her ability to provide me with different options throughout the application process, as well as going as far as seeing what I would be wearing, and telling me what she though would look best. I found the experience enjoyable and fulfilling – she did a great job and I was extremely happy with the way she helped me look. I would recommend Mailene to people who need a makeup artist because she goes beyond simple ceremonial events, which can be seen in her noteworthy portfolio.
— Natasha Q.